I need story help

Helloooo. So I’m writing a story on episode but I need some help :sweat:


I need help with creating outfits
I need help with background characters
I need help with script… like I don’t know how to begin it and stuff.,
And some other stuff

If you’re interested in helping me… please let me know or dm me :sweat::pray:t3:

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I mean I can try to help as best as I could, although I’m not the best at coding.


I’m good with the coding part, I’m just not sure on how to begin the story and other stuff

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hmmm ok well maybe you can teach me coding lol I’m jk just a light joke to relax you.

Alright, let’s start with a story description. What’s it about?


lol yeah I could teach you if you want :laughing: coding is easy.

Story description

When Auria is hit by the Nightwave. The truth about the Auras is finally known/ But when an enemy threatens everyone and everything Auria loves, allies turn enemies.

the description isnt as good at the moment…

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Ok, can you explain a little more about what the Nightwaves and Auras are?

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Sure ok so.

The story sets 10 years after the great war when all humans died and the earth was destroyed.


They’re people who can use orbs, but were wiped out by the nightshadows


Like the villian in the story haha… they wiped out the auras because they wanted the orb to make themselves more powerful, but none of the auras would help them


Like a really powerful stone thing that only auras can use.


It’s this deadly wave that can kill Nightshadows, but when Auria gets hit by it, she doesn’t die

Do you want the rest of the plot or…?

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No, I think I got it… so, maybe to begin, you can show how the Auras were destroyed and why these two sides are fighting over the orb? Or show the Auras trying to protect this orb but they get overpowered by the Nightshadows? This is just an idea of course…

Maybe start off with some suspense but make the orb the focal point?

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Oooh, good idea! And when she gets hit by the nightwave, any ideas on how I should introduce this?

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hmmm let’s see… so after showing the bit about the Auras, maybe introduce her deep in thought about something or someone, or maybe she’s out running errands or some sort and she’s suddenly getting this weird and anxious feeling. Then suddenly, this wave comes out of nowhere, almost like it’s seeking her specifically for some reason.

Or, she knows of this so called tale of the Auras and Nightshadows but of course she doesn’t believe it. Then, one day as she’s out and about she has the sudden urge to run home but before she can make it there, the wave is suddenly in front of her face and she doesn’t know what to do…

Maybe something along those lines?


oooooooh i love that! thanks for your help! :grin::grin:

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Sure, anytime :blush:

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here is some videos to get you started. its a playlist with all joseph Evans tutorials over episode. the first ones are pretty old though

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