I need story ideas? Drop Ideas Below!

I need story ideas!!! My preferred genres are horror , mystery , and thriller

Hi! I have a thread with stories ideas, but I can give you a customize plot in case you don’t like any of the stories that I already shared. The ideas and plots are free, I only ask for money if someone has revenues with the story (which is not common, most people don’t gain money here so I basically do this for free)

(Please let me know if you don’t like people sharing links of their own threads, I’ve been flagged before and I want to avoid that)

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I’m not trying to get money ; I am just writing stories for fun ; and I will not be using ANY of your ideas.

I’m not trying to be rude. I don’t know anything about Episode payments.

Thanks for replying though😇.

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I’ll drop a few ideas here that I never got to

  • The MC is for some reason transferred to a high school that specialises in something (like an art high school has more artistic classes and a business high school has more economy based classes, etc.) and it’s something she’s either not done before or is not good at, but wants to pass. The story in my mind did not have a villain but a bunch of events happen that either put drama on her relationships (friends, lovers or enemies) or would stop her from getting good. Like whatever she does in her choices is either +GRADES or +CHARACTER and depending on how much she picks of each, she can either pass, get with one of her lovers, or both

  • MC is a young mafia member in the 40s or the 50s trying to get his way up to mafia boss … There are a few endings depending on his choices, and he doesn’t even have to survive in all of the endings (Which would be cool to have like a satisfying death as an ending, like dying a hero or something is a great closure to a action packed story). I liked this idea because you could do a lot of mini-games with this. Like shooting mini games or bomb defusing mini games, or remeber this minigames … The only reason I didn’t do it is because If I would commit myself to doing those mini games like I planned to, I’m sure my hair would be gray by the end of the week

  • You can always go with a contest like America’s Most Eligible (can’t take that title, that was only an exampe and that’s already a CHOICES story). Because a ton of stories like this exsist you can already check a few out and find out what you like most about each of them, and also find out what people want int those type of games.

  • For Horror a great story idea would be one where the mind Fs with the MC. For insteance MC would be convinced ghosts are haunting him, but it turns out he had schitzophrenia and it was only hallucinations. Except if you want to portray mental ilness like schitzophrenia you should research it beforehand and talk to some people who suffer from it so your story isn’t offensive or disrespectful

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