I need story ideas?


i need story ideas i have none im feeling so uninspired rn :(((


Maybe more cop and prisoner episodes I love them :joy:


ahahah that sounds amazing ive read a few of thoses XD


Something comedy , little sci-fi :joy:


im thinkning sci-fi


I love sci-fi :upside_down_face: wait, a thirller? Episode is helding thriller contests


Hey!! I actually have a thread for that :joy::joy:

Do you have a main idea or category you are going for?




Awesome!! I have some random ideas for sci fi :joy::joy: Do you want me to send some or something? :grin:


yeah thanks that would be great!!

  • A world where fairytales exist
  • Its 2019 and the mc gets teleported to 6093
  • Its 4040 and the MC loves her planet but then realizes that she may not actually be on a planet?

All of these story lines have a lot of options on how you can continue them!


there all amazing i love the last one!!


Do you need help with the next part of the story line or do you think you have an idea already?


Thank you!


i have some idea i think ill be okay tysmm tho!!


Your welcome!! Best of luck with your story!!


Aww…lunar , you are doing awesome :sunglasses: I love the ideas :upside_down_face: maybe I will visit it soon


So I’m making a lgbt story where there’s a girl who is outgoing while the other is more like a rebel style. I don’t know how to start my story or in what background I should start with? Any ideas. Oh! And also, I need ideas on cliffhangers since I’m really bad at them. I would appreciate you helping me and if you do, you’re an angel! <3