I need story reviewers for my group


if you are interested
fill out this form
Form to join ma group


DONEE! lol I was so confused btw


What is this about??


well I need story reviewers for ma episode group and I made this topic sooo




Like your stories? Sorry new here so just wounding how this works.


But if its help each other, I want to be in a group. just started my 1st story.


Well it’s done…


You’re looking for a writing group. She is looking for someone to give honest feedback about other people’s stories.


Like do you need help with writing episodes?


That’s what I was asking. I was looking for a group that we give feedback on each other stories and maybe tips on the coding to make our stories look better and tips on the story line. Something like that.


Well they will be reviewing your stories. They just give feedback and will have a thread…


thank you


O okay, thanks


that’s exactly what I as trying to say