I need story reviews?

Hey, I just published my story, I’m so excited and asking if you all will do me a favor and read the first three chapters and give me your feedback, please and thank you.

The hijabs don’t work well with the hair style your characters have.

Sh!t and any curse word now needs to be censored with an *

When she runs to her bed instead of a diagonal line she goes straight and then back while doing the animation

When she exits from here she goes up to the left instead of straight left

Instead of “advanced” it should be advance

I don’t know if she means “missed” because she doesn’t isn’t emotional or if you mean I miss you as in she still misses them but doesn’t show it.

This entering scene was a little bit akward maybe have Nichole come first?

These were just the things I could find
The plot of your story is really interesting when you update I’ll definitely read more!

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