Hey, guys!
While I’m waiting for some new chapters to come out on some of my favorite stories, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for stories for me to read. I am open to any type of story EXCEPT Limelight. I personally have a strong hatred for Limelight stories, just because the animations really bother me for some reasons lol. Other then that, I’m open to any type of story as long as it is Ink!
Thank you for leaving your suggestions, and comment any story you want!
I have over 25 passes to spare, so I really would like to know. :slight_smile:


It starts with a bra…

…happened and me, too. BUT I love it!

The Baby Project, Demi Lovato (all seasons), and many more… :wink:


I personally don’t like the Demi Lovato series, but I’ll look into It Starts With A Bra!
Thank you so much for the suggestion!


Okay here are some of my favourites:

Chain Reaction
Love me black and blue
Fantastical Folks
Pregnant by a killer (it’s actually not cliche)
Pregnant by her boyfriend
If only he knew
Friends with benefits
The Teacher
The secret of Rain
Back and fourth
The Shaw brothers
Maid for you

These stories are all INK
Hope you like em!


Hi! All the below stories are in INK. :grin:

You could read my stories:

Or you could read my group @Episode-Royalty’s stories:

  • Surviving Love
  • Thorns

Or you could read my friend’s story:

  • Fantastical: Virtues of Destiny - @S.Dsana

~ :snowflake:


So far I have read:
Chain reaction
Pregnant by a killer
Friends with benefits
The teacher
The secret of rain (UGH THIS ONE WAS JS AMAZING)
Maid for you

I will definitely want to read the rest of those, as they sound rly good!
(trey is mine, ok?)


Lol no prob.
(no he’s not… you better find someone else.)


Rebounding with storm ?


Hey! Thank you so much for the suggestions! I’ll check them out. :slight_smile:


I’ll check it out! Thank you so much!




You’re welcome! Great, let me know if you enjoy them! :wink:


I recommend:

Eclipsis (Adventure)
I Despise You (Comedy)
Galactic Game (Comedy)
Dirty Sexy Teenagers: Spooky Stories (Comedy)
From A to Z (Comedy)
Nanny For a Year (Comedy)
Eternally '80s (Comedy)
Dead 7 (Comedy)
Infamous (Comedy)
Gender Switch (Comedy)

i realized i read a lot of comedy :joy:


Ooh, that’s okay! I love comedy books! Tysm for all of your suggestions! I’ll definitely look into them.


Lol, I am gonna promoting myself :sweat_smile:
Title: Choose?!!!

Description:You aren’t a superhero, nor have magical powers! Just a wrong wish of your’s , causes Fate of whole human race to be in your’s hands!!! Will you Succeed or face defeat?? (2 ends)
Hope you like it :wink:


There’s so many great limelight stories though omg. You’re seriously missing out big time. Suit yourself I guess. Hmm…
Envy (Ink) - haven’t read it in Ink but it’s way better in LL…
Too Far
Everly After
Fragile Bonds
The Shadow Heir
Cafe Paradox
Touch of Betrayal


I personally hate Limelight and Classic too lol. But I have many story suggestions.

  1. BITE
  2. Assassin’s Heart (there’s also a sequel after this)
  3. In Your Dreams
  4. My Skater Lover
  5. Shift through the ashes
  6. The bunny Boiler
  7. Nanny for a Year
    8 Accantices with Benifits (I spelled that so wrong lol)
  8. Dear Future Husband ( I love this story!)
  9. The blank Page ( Very unique, not cliche at all)
    There’s more but I can’t think of all of them.
    P.S. sorry if u read any of these already.


Stripped by Chantelle M.


Speak (J.Miley)
The Ruby Tiara (Wincy W.)
To Love Again (Joriemar)
Wasted Roses (Genevieve M.)
Dead Roses (Beeble Hope)


Here’s some ink stories that I suggest:
Ace of Hearts
Livin’ In The 80’s
Wentworth (INK)
Faking Death
The Missing Piece
Valor Woods [Complete]