I need testing readers and helping ideas


So I have big problem. Not only that I’m foreigner and it’s hard for me to write in perfect grammar… my biggest problem is that I’m single too long and I lack of emotions :joy: So I can’t express them through my stories as I would want to.

I need Instagram active episodians who’ll be willing to read my story and give me some sweet suggestions which can be inserted in my story. I don’t have problems with writing block, if you get me.

So if you’re active on Instagram and you’re good at writing saucy, please contact me on @episode_jones :heart:


Anyone? :disappointed:


I’ll be happy to help!


Do you have Instagram?


Yes, it’s jadlyss.episode!


I sent you request :heart:


I’d like to help, I’m a writer as well :heart: My instagram is episode.fluff


Add me episode_jones :heart: