I need these chairs N the wall cut out asap please!

In perfect condition please! I’ll credit! :sob: :heart:

Hi is there any way you can remove the food/ drinks from the tables to cut out the chairs easier?

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No I’m sorry I already tried that :sob:

If i were to crop out the chairs, you would only get the top due to all of the props, is that okay?

I’m not sure what you mean :sweat_smile:


I’m still cleaning the edges but thats all the chair you would get

Oh okay lol I didn’t know and is this the final thingy? :rofl:

The person these belong to has overlays for these

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I would use thoose overlays. I can’t get the lines straight… Im sorry D:

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Really? Could you tell me where to go please! :innocent:

Its alright! :nerd_face: