I need this desk overlay (ASAP) can someone please help,



I need this exact DESK overlay. I would go on an overlay request thread but i dont see any open & no I dont need the chairs included. Just the desks, anyone, someonee…


Go to Need an background/overlay ASAP? Done in 30 minutes if I'm online! {Offline} she is open but she is not online


I know she’s open but she’s offline and I need it ASAP so there would be no point in requesting it rn ya know


I can try to make it


yes pleaseee! can u try


Hey! I have different tables and desk overlays that would look good with your particular background. I don’t have the exact same table but I do have similar ones. Wanna see them to see if you wanna use them?


Yes, !! Please


Okay so I’ll send you a link to a drive that has all the table overlays in them. I’m so sorry but I don’t know the owner of the drives for you to give credit to so you might have a tiny issue there lol. :sweat_smile:


okay, thanks!


Here’s a link to a variety of table overlays:

Hope this helped you! :grin: :black_heart:


haha, it’s from @alexa_episode it’s watermarked :smiley: thankss!


Glad you found the owner. :black_heart:


Give me 2 minutes and I’ll have it ready for you :slight_smile:


oh thanks!! :DD


I’m pretty sure there is already an overlay that goes with those chairs.


Here you go :slight_smile:


thanks ! & @literally.amber thanks!


@ryan please close