I need this done by tomorrow!


I need someone to re-create this scene :

with these two characters :


I NEED the boy crying

I hope I find someone soon :slight_smile:

Good day xox


@annaclaire721 or @GirlLykAnn if EpisodeStudio could probably help you!!! :grin:




I could help :slight_smile:


They are both amazing




I need it by tomorrow :slight_smile:

good luck xox


Do you have a specific background in mind that I could use?


I’ll try as well. U dont need to use it. What characters.


Lol. I didn’t see them.


umm it can be just white/ white light idk


its on the top


If you could find a background, it’d help a lot! by the way, would you like it in that Anime style or an episode style?


it can be whatever style you’re most comfortable with :slight_smile:


you can use this :smiley:


How’s everything going guys? I need this in about 3 hours :slight_smile:


I need this very soon, just remember not to rush :slight_smile:


So you want the boy crying? And looking at the girl? What’s the girl doing?


Yes, I need him crying, I want him looking at the ground, The girl is looking at him, wondering why he is crying


What kind of cry?