I need tights episode!

Please. pLeaSe! I keep finding the perfect outfit, like we hopefully all do, and then I’m like. She looks a bit bare. So I go look for something to help. Oh. I find some tights. BUT THEY’RE ALL POLKA DOT. SOMEONE. PLEASE. DOES ANYONE ELSE GET ME? I just need some opaque tights because I really do not like the polka dot tights. Any support? Y’all have to of noticed this too!

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same ;:frowning:

You need to follow a set of guidelines on how to request which can be found here: Feature Request Guidelines

Also, make sure to do a search on the Forums to make sure there aren’t similar topics to yours.

Here’s a few:

1= CLOTHING: Plain sheer tights (LL)
2 = CLOTHING: Lace Tights for Ink
3= CLOTHING: Limelight Fishnets and Solid Tights


Thank you for showing our posts! :blush:

Woops, thank you. I asked sydney_H for a lil bit of help to changing it to the right category, thank you for telling me!

@Sydney_H Actually, do you think you could close this topic, there’s one quite similar and I don’t want to effect my chances of this request happening! :slight_smile:

Closed at request of Op