I need title help again 🤣

So I’ve begun a new story, from an idea that I got from @X.O.IcySnows but I have no idea what to call it! It’s a paranormal/supernatural sorta story.

If you need further detail on the story lmk (you probably will but i was too lazy to type it all right now :rofl:)

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What is it about?

I made a thread to give away plots hold on lemme get the link…

The blurred out one should be jubels plot. :slight_smile:

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This one?

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Yep, that’s the one jubels claimed. :slight_smile:

Chasing Spirits
Tried for Death
Built for Haunting
The Spirit in the Haunted House
Marked for Slaughter
After the Haunting
Luring Spirits


Urban legends?


The (name of haunted house) Residence.
Like: The Baker Residence.
Left to rot.
The evil within.

Something mysterious like “All The Stories Are True”?

Resident Evil reference?

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The spirits awakening
A spirits touch
A suspect of supernatural
The vale between

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“Welcome to the family son”


@Jubels Any of the suggestions match your preference? ^^

Spirit searchers?
Supernatural Brothers?

hmm… im not sure

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Who Ya Gonna Call?
From Hell And Back
Escape With Your Life
Stolen Spirit
SNPD (supernatural police department)
Haunted Living
Let Me Set You Free