I need title ideassss

so my story is about a famous actor ( the LI ) and the MC being a normal school girl who goes for an interview to get an acting job , and his ex is also competing , the mc gets the acting job and all goes good . the LI and MC have to act out a romance movie so they do like kissing scenes stuff like that and at first the mc isint fond of the LI but she soon realises he isint as what she portrayed him as. they are forced to spend a lot of time together and act out romance scenes and they started falling in love until his ex (i’ll figure out how) makes the mc father sick and the mc spends more time with her father and her acting career is put on hold. the ex gets the acting role and bla bla bla :slight_smile: its kind of long but that’s basically a summary

a title idea would help
any titles honestly idc just something. to do with love and acting

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