I need titles needed!


I need titles for my story.

Genre’s: Romance, Fantasy, Drama, Comedy

Descriptions: I guess you can write the descriptions for the titles too? (You don’t have too)

Style: Limelight, INK, Classic.

This is for the titles

The Form








Maybe we’ll be able to think of better titles if you tell us what your story is about.


You come up with titles?


No, I just might be able to help! I don’t really know what your story is about so I can’t come up with a title, if that makes sense.


Omg yay!

What was it? Use the form


I’m confused.:sweat_smile:


Try reading everything up top!


Oh. I didn’t even notice you edited it!


Omg lol :joy::joy:


So it’s a fantasy, romance, drama, and comedy?




Maybe like
My Fantasy Romance
Magic Love
Magical Love
Romantic Belief

I don’t really know… sorry.


I think maybe you should try and come with your own plot and then you can figure out a title after that, instead of relying on others to come up with a story for you.


I recommend you provide a rough plot as it will help us devise ideas :heart:


@Atreus Your kinda being rude. From what you said maybe you should look at all the other post that are mostly the same. You shouldn’t be posting when you don’t say it on there.


Adds IN



I didn’t mean to come off rude but all you gave out was the genre and that isn’t much for people to help you with a title.
Just like @Days said, a rough plotline would help :slight_smile: