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Okay so I know in real life a Muslim woman can take off her Hijab in front of family, but would it be appropriate to have her not wear the Hijab around her family and/or certain female friends in the story?


not all muslims wear hijab, to be honest thats kinda like a sterotype thingy
but it will be appropriate, no the fbi will NOT come and put a gun near your head lol


@EpisodeShadow made a very useful thread for such things: :+1::tulip:


My neighbour wear a hijab and she only wears it when shes out of the house or when her males come over to their house or something. I’m allowed to see her without it as I’m a close family friend and I think it’s the same for most people


Yeah, I mean if she’s strict with it then she’ll only wear hijab in the presence of unacquainted males. Otherwise it’s fine, or if you’re lazy she doesn’t have to wear a hijab.

Most of the Muslims that I know actually don’t wear a hijab and are sort of unreligious which is concerning since I live in an Arab country but hey, you do you.


Ok. Yaaaaa.

At home where you are with your family no need to wear. At school with friends wear. At home if you are only with female friends you dont need wear


My sister is muslim and and she wears the hijab not I front of certain family members she wear it with my husband around of course and also my uncle who also our cousin (sounds worse then it is he my dad cousin and he married my mum sister lol) she wear it in front of lesbian friends as she treats them as male (it’s odd I don’t know if others do that as she converted) my Muslim friends I didn’t even know were Muslim until my friend had a stillborn baby (very sad). But dresses in normal clothing nothing too over the top but modest compared to what others wear.

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