I need to know how to do art ! please


How can we do art for the covers and the thank you at the end ?


Are you asking how to do it? Like what kind of apps?


There are a lot of apps to use for it

And my favorite, Sketchbook


Thank you, and when I’m done, how do I put it on my story ?


you go to the art catalog and go to the button that says Uploaded to YOUR Account
And upload them
make sure they are the correct size though


I use
IbisPaint X


Thank you :slight_smile:


You’re welcome ^^


Thank you ! Oh sorry last question, how do I put the characters on the art ?


Last question sorry, how do I put the characters on the art ? :frowning:


save image as or screen shot the characters and put them onto the background

you can go to animations for this


You can use IbisPaint X to crop the characters and make it a png, or a transparent photo, and upload it to wherever you need it! To make your character a png, you just take the eraser and erase the background


ok thanks


thank you !


Yeah, ofc!