I need to know how to fix this

So I’m currently writing a story and I put my character @ Grandma standing in on spot and @ young Aria standing in other big as soon as it transfers to INT. GRANDMA HOUSE - NIGHT all you can see for a few seconds is @ Young Aria and @ Grandma pops out of nowhere like if she just magically appeared when she was supposed to be there standing

&GRANDMA spot 0.866 104 126 AND GRANDMA faces right
it should transition better, she won’t pop in as soon as the new scene starts…

you can also try
@zoom on 0 0 to 100% in 0
&YOUNG ARIA spot 0.587 237 367 AND YOUNG ARIA faces left AND YOUNG ARIA is talk_sit_leanback_angry_loop AND GRANDMA spot 0.866 104 216 AND GRANDMA faces right
@cut to zone 3

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Try putting the grandma with aria so Aria does her animation do AND GRANDMA spot 0.866 104 126 AND GRANDMA faces right

You need to spot them before cutting to zone.

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