I need to know what you'd like in a horror story

Hi! I need to know what you’d like in a horror story!!
Please help <3

Episode-wise I love horror stories that have advanced directing that’s used to their advantage. Especially when your choices determine your ending and you’re not told they do. They’re so much more fun.

Generally, plot-wise, I like something that’s got plot twists and is scary, original, and unique. Something that slowly builds tension, and then uses it to create a mindblowing twist, especially at the end. Tension in a horror is highly important to me as a reader. I want to feel like something is really at stake. I want characters I can be attached to because they’re imperfect and making mistakes but realistic mistakes, not ‘typical horror movie teenager’ mistakes, and I want to be able to see them have everything to lose. Often, I like to see them actually lose everything. Or at least have an ending that isn’t perfect/normal in every way. I’m not fond of happy endings to horrors- they kinda ruin it for me.

I love seeing things I’ve never seen before like Haunted: Shroud, or things done many times before before but in a new way- like how EliseC’s Hit and Run took the idea of being brought back to life and twisted it in a really cool way.

Hope this helped :slight_smile:

I think that horror stories should have jump-outs like peeps do in the movies! For example, let’s just say that the character is alone in a creepy hallway. As he/she takes a breath, suddenly a ghost/monster appears behind her! Oh no! A jump-out! Ya see what I mean?
Also, just like @Lady-Mehek said, I would love choices that affect the ending but you’re not told that.
Lastly, make your horror story unique! Make it…awesome! :slightly_smiling_face:

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In horror stories, I like when there is a bit of a mystery to it. Like, I’m used to seeing people dying but how/when/why is what keeps me thinking and so involved in the story. It’s no fun when you know the killer in the beginning… unless you are the killer! Just a thought. Sorry if I’m not helpful. I’m not used to this.

Ty! Ill keep that in mind :smile:

Ill be sure to add jumpscares xD

Honestly I usually don’t like horror stories but i’d love to see a scenario with mystery and horror.
Like WhoDunnit.
& one thing I would need to see in a horror story for me to read it is romance.
I would love if you mixed horror and romance and make a couple I can root for

You’re helpful, I’m sure to keep that in mind for my story :smile:

Ok! Im actually adding a love interest in the story xD
It will be your chose if you want him alive tho v.v

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