I need to move my character on a wheelchair

Help me, please! I’m not the best on coding and I need my character can move at the same time that his wheelchair overlay…


To move your character at the same time that you are moving the wheelchair, you have to have the character placed in the wheelchair and move them together in the coding for example:

If you have created your own wheelchair overlay:

@overlay WHEELCHAIR create
@overlay WHEELCHAIR opacity 1
@overlay WHEELCHAIR to layer 3
@overlay WHEELCHAIR shifts to 150 31 in zone 2
@overlay WHEELCHAIR scales to 1.347 1.347

@overlay WHEELCHAIR shifts to 271 22 in 5 in zone 1 and ANN walks to spot 0.833 94 193 in 4.5 and ANN does it while idle_sit_neutral_loop

If you are using the Wheelchair overlays that are provided on the Episode overlays for all members to access, then you would use both moving wheelchair parts, and insert your character between both moving wheelchair parts, have the wheelchair parts shift from where you want them to start - to where you want them to end in the amount of time you want your wheelchair to move and move the character at the same time.

@Dara.Amarie and @JosephEvans also have great how to instructions and video’s. I will find them and attach there here.

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Here is a video @JosephEvans made about moving overlays https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bq486v5BCXU

Here is a post @Dara.Amarie made post#1 placing animating overlays

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thank you so much! you are the best!

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amazing! thank you!

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Not a problem at all. I hope the information was helpful! :heart:

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