I need to place my chracters on the bed but i am lost though lol

Make sure they’re in the right zone.

I believe they are.

In the zone where the bed is? You didn’t write the zones when spot directing them.

If you tell me or send me the background, I can try to spot direct the characters. (I’ve been having trouble downloading PNG images recently though. I’m on a chromebook.)

Place your characters in zone 2 then.When I tried to put in the background, it said the image wasn’t large enough. Sorry about that.

Hey, just a friendly reminder, you can only use images that you have the rights to use. Just make sure all backgrounds that you upload are copyright-friendly :slight_smile:. Not saying this isn’t, just a reminder because some people don’t realize they can’t use most images from google.
Anyways, good luck with your story! :blue_heart:

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actually as long as you aren’t making monetary profit, you can use whatever image you want. if it’s on the internet, you can still use it so long as you don’t make money off it.

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