I need to publish my story but the covers aren't approved!

ya’ll please i need help if this is even possible. I need to post my story now! but episode still hasn’t approved my covers. PLEASEEE by now im already desperate. is there any ‘hack’, if no how can i make them approve faster?
I know they are real humans, and it’s hard approving everyone’s covers at a time buuuut

there is not, but why so busy. while you wait you can always re read your story and see if there was any mistakes.

or you can publish it with out a cover and just update when they have been approved


You can send a support ticket and tell them your cover hasn’t been approved

I send them a support ticket because my overlays haven’t been approved in like 2 weeks and them approved them right away

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@line123462 Is right it’s always good to proof read your story for errors :grin:


ok yes true but i’ve been doing that for the past 9 days, the problem is that i needed to add a new cover for the next episode so i had to wait :sob:

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Ok omg thanks i’ll try it out (:

well there are not much to do

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