I need to read new pregnancy stories

I am a fan of pregnancy stories so much !!! Please suggest any new pregnancy story I would love to check it out

Hi! My story is not a pregnancy story but it is about a woman who had her daughter at 17 and the story is set 18 years later in both mother and daughter POV

I’ll leave you the link in case you want to try it

Title: I always will
Author: sweetpie
Genre: , Romance, drama
Style: ink
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/4559806457249792
Summary: After her and Lucas break up. How this life changing news shakes up everyone’s life
Chapters: 11 (More to come)

There is a story named Want Her. The author of the story is Rubi.Writes. I am currently reading this story. The story is about our protagonist who is studying in freshman year and she becomes pregnant. Till now the story seems good. Hope this Helps :smile: