I need two art scene for my unpublished story (LL and i need a professional artist)

the first art scene
I wan’t my male character to hold a woman in bride style but he is going to stand rear
Here is the male character

The girl
She is going to be in his arms but she is going to be unconscious and i want claw marks on her neck, chest and face really deep ones.

skin tone - gold 02

Brow - Straight Medium Scar - black

Hair - Messy Undercut (color - dirty blond)

Eyes - Deepset Downturned (color - blue green)

Face - Square Jaw Roundcheek Stubble

Nose - Grecian Narrow

Lips - Medium Heart (color - beige gold matte)
The girl’s details

skin tone - neutral 02

Brow - Arched Thin High - black

Hair - Long Feathered - black dark

Eyes - Round Downturned Wide - ice blue

Face - Heart Soft

Nose - Grecian Soft

Lips - Small Heart - pink peach medium matte

The girl

The second one is the same but i want my male character to turned around, holding her in his arms, bride style and looking at her and the girl is going to have claw marks on her neck, chest and face and of course she is unconscious

Hey! As an artist, I just want to let you know that if you’re looking for a professional artist, you might actually have to pay for the art scenes as most professionals do not offer free art - especially full pieces. The same goes for amateur artists or even some beginners. Of course you might be lucky on here and I wish you a lot of luck!! But I just want to make you aware of this so you don’t end up disappointed!


thank you

Agreeing with @jakob, if your looking for a professional artist, 99% of the time you’d have to pay money for art like that. I’m sure there are plenty of amateur artists on this platform that are willing to help, but you probably won’t get any professionals like you asked for. Just keep on mind the level of skill you’re asking for versus the price you pay…

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But what if i made the outline and i want someone to color it

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Unfortunately that is still a lot of work, considering the artist would have to draw all facial features + expressions, the clothes etc. … and colouring in the style of the hair (else it’d look out of place), that takes a good handful of hours as well.

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you are right

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But I’m sure you can find an amateur artist on here - just keep your eyes peeled! Best of luck!

thank you

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