I need two runes overlays

Would someone be willing to make two runes overlays for me please? In the story that I’m working on with my co-writers @Danielle318 and @elizabeth_writes, the runes have been burned onto the body of the victim so if they look like scorch marks that would be perfect.

For the first overlay, we’re looking for just a few runes which could fit on a character’s neck and for the second overlay, we’re looking for a series of runes which would cover their torso. The actual runes themselves don’t matter so feel free to make up your own style!

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@Avarose456, @LiyahxWrites, @JemU776 can any of you guys help?

I would love to help, but I have no idea what runes are. :sweat_smile:

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Here is an a picture of runes(you can find pictures of them on google):

Like those?

Runs Neck

Please tag me as @Vanessa.h_storys if you use them! :kissing_heart:

Can someone close this thread please?:blush: