I need two writing partners

Hey guys sorry for the big wait. Lots of stuff came back but im feeling very confident in making my book again. IIm also looking for a full time writing partner, i dont know how to create back grounds, coding etc. i need at least 2 people max. please message me before MAY 31 thank you

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I would be able to help find backgrounds, basic coding, character help, plot help. I would only be part time as I am working in my own story! Let me know if I could be of any help!!

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I would be able to help with ideas, I can do some coding, I’m also working on my own story and I would also love help, if you two would love to help as well as me help you! My Instagram is @aaepisode if you want to help on there!

Hello that would be great do u have instagram

ok add me on instagram kaila_does_art

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Have you found one?

no i havent are u free

Heyy!!! Do you still need help :blush: Because I would love to if your still looking :heart:

yeah i need help still

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Cool! I’m out of school until August so I would be able to help you out! I can code, make edits and backgrounds I can also help with writing. The only catch is, some days I can’t be on until later at night. Would that be alright for you?

yes that would be alright. um do u have instagram

do u have instagram

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ok add me kaila_does_art

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Sounds good!

let me know so i can add i back

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Okie dokes. Will we mainly comminucate through insta, or how does this work? :sweat_smile:


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Sorry I’m confused? :sweat_smile:

OK so we will talk through instagram, cause im rarely on here so yeah. I also have some things i want to show u on there

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