I need urgent covers stat!

I want it to be light blue with twins on the cover one evil and one good.

EVIL - brown hair, blue eyes
GOOD - black hair, green eyes

make them look as much like the classic characters as possible

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Hiya, I can try if you you still need to art.

Epi.sunset can! :slight_smile:

Yes please!

Can you refer me to them?

I’m a member of them lol :slight_smile: :joy:


Wait a minute please :slight_smile:


Do u still need me to do some


OK tell me what u need doing and I’ll try.

If u need any examples let me know

Could I have the deets please?

I just want two twin sisters facing back to back with the background blue.

twin 1 - brown hair blue eyes
twin 2 - black hair green eyes

classic characters

OK thank you