I need urgent help! :(

READ (story idea):

Basically you work as a private investigator at this new firm, you get partnered with a guy (or girl imma leave a choice :)) y’all are friends and whatever, work on cases, but ONE day u get a particular case… u get a call saying there’s been a mysterious murder and the police need help finding evidence, u go there and you find someone- someone you know- your bestfriend (Harlow) dead. you get a grip and start finding evidence, none. no evidence at all. all the cameras were off at the time. A few months after her funeral the police close her case due to lack of evidence, u think u and her family deserves to know who killed her so u go back with you partner and find things the police didn’t notice…or you… what happens when a simple murder covers up a big dark secret? Will you fall the case? Fall in love?

(sry for the long summary lmao)

anywaysss i need a writing partner to help me with coding also since your here can someone give me ideas for what the "dark secret should be?"* (ill credit u :,) )


Does the partner know Harlow was the MC’s best friend?

no but he does find out later on as they grow a relationship before the murder happened

I think this sounds super interesting! I wish I could help with coding, but I’m just as hopeless as you are. I wish you these best of luck on finding a coder tho!

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Thank you!

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So… a raw idea… but can it be something like the MC’s best friend used to work for the underground or a secret agency or whatever (the ones that do bad things for a good cause or something like that) and because of one of harlow did an assignment like that which pissed of the bad people (maybe illegeal artifact smugglers or whatever) and they hired someone from the LI’s organization to kill him. MC didnt know LI used to work for an organization, but Li already knew who was going to get killed.

so he finds out and tries to stop the kill and its too late. later the MC slowly finds out about all this, the organization that originally wanted to kill harlow all that etc.

So that can serve as the plot here, like will the MC go for revenge or she forgives LI

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I can also help with coding, I’m doing advanced directing for my own story so i can even help you :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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PLEASE, SOMEONE OR ANYONE!!! i need help with my first episode story today if there is anyone who is willing to help,please help me now. i want to release it by this september but i have nobody i can go too,so i was wondering if there is a good coder or professional writer on here who can help with that.

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Yes! Id be grateful :,)

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what do you need help with? I can try to help :))

I need help with writing or coding,if your good at at-least one of those please do help me. i even have a short sypnosis on how i want it to go: a love-hate relationship between a girl and a boy.who just meet each other for the first time, but start to grow fond of each other later on,but its not a easy ride getting there because people sure know how to get in the way especially Nichole hearts the most popular mean girl you’ll ever meet and her little minions,but that doesn’t stop them from getting closer or does it? even if they do hate each other guts!!!

Please let me know!

My story is a mystery and romance story.