I need victims and murderers!


Why would we be offended? It is a great idea, having an equal number of girl and guy murderers, as well as an equal number of guy and girl victims. It is your story-you choose what you want to do : )

We are looking forward to reading it! :black_heart:


Hey can you pm me


Of course not! And I think it’s a really good idea!


not at all


I can give you some guys I can kill :smiley: [feel free to change anything about them]
so here you go

  • Victim or murderer: victim

  • (Optional) Name:

  • Gender: male

  • body color: neutral05

  • Brow shape: male generic

  • Brow color: blackjet

  • Hair style: long dreadlocks

  • Hair color: black dark

  • Eye structure: depest downturned

  • Eye color: black brown

  • Face structure: diamond soft

  • Nose structure: round wide

  • Lip structure: full heart large

  • Lip color: beige deep neutral

  • Victim or murderer: victim

  • (Optional) Name:

  • Gender: male

  • body color: neutral02

  • Brow shape: straight medium

  • Brow color: dark brown

  • Hair style: sliked back solid

  • Hair color: dark brown

  • Eye structure: depest heavy lid

  • Eye color: brown dark

  • Face structure: male generic

  • Nose structure: rmale generic

  • Lip structure: medium heart

  • Lip color: fair rose matte


Thank you so much :heart_eyes:


Awesome! I can’t wait!


Also I don’t mind if you add guy murderers in at all!


I personally dont mind