I need voice actors for my story

I want voice actors for my story.

This is for my story “The Angels,” it’s a good story and I want voice actors to make it better.

Guys are HIGHLY required.

My dad will not help as much, so I want some black dudes with a strong deep voice to help me out and teenagers. I need help.

It’s a Show, a series.

Of Episodes.

I found a guy that I might like, so the black dude with a deep voice is sorta gonna put you in competition with two other black men.

If they don’t work out, I’m going to YouTube and here for help.

I’ll notify you if they don’t work out or if they do.

The black guy:

This is for a story that I’m making and putting on YouTube, I’ve never hired a voice actor before. This character is a strict, stern black man over an entire group of heroes and crew for his ship.

He is in his 40s’ and has a bad past + 5 kids in total biologically that don’t live with him, he loves them very much but gave them up for adoption really…sorta…his past is sad.

He has an adoptive teenager, he got him when he was 28 and the boy was a baby, the boy’s mom stayed at the spaceship but didn’t do much to parent the kid so he did.

This was when he was financially stable, but he could never find his biological children.

He is a no-nonsense type, funny, but honestly a guy who cares a lot about his family, he is strict on his kids because they are half-humans.

He is a Nephilim, the boy was, and his children are like 40% Nephilim.

He was stricter trying to keep him on the good path. He had a another friend who was Nephilim but he was evil and secretly ruined his life, turns out he is still alive.

Here are some things to say:

James: “Boy, come here!” Telling your son to come back, get back here after a sudden finding of his wrong doing, or cought him with his underwear showing in public many times.

“I want you to check parameters around the area, shoot!” You are a commander on a spaceship, someone is in the ship and you need people to find that person STAT because that could be a great danger to you, your family, and your crew.

“I need to talk with you.” You need to have an important talk with someone that you love.

“I’m sorry, Johnny.” You are giving a sympatic apology to your son about something that happened or you did.

“That’s my boy!” Like your proud of your son.

“I’m so proud if you, singing Hallelujah to the Lord. I’ve been so worried about how you’d turn out, boy.”

“Turn off that smutty music!” How you would tell your son this. But strictly.

“GET THE HECK OUT!!” In deep pain, like you had your heart ripped out emotionally

“Excuse me? What I’m saying is that you should think more about college than a singer, Camela.” You are speaking to a girl who is 16 and famous about going to college so that she can have a fall-back-on job to save her in-case she gets replaced by a new star instead of being famous all her life.

“Don’t talk to me that way, boy!” Like your son has insulted you, but out of concern or anger after you said something about his mother because she didn’t really care a lot about him, you were trying to reason with him.

“Turns out you ain’t that bad, boy.” Say it in a satisfied manner, as if your son has achieved something you never thought he could.

Ok, so, Now: Johnny.

Johnny I need definite help with, I need a teenager who can do two voices at once: Urban white guy.

Johnny is raised primarily by James, is the Nephilim baby. The baby boy whose White mom didn’t fully take part in his upbringing and it WAS quite minimal.

Now he isn’t mixed that’s the thing he’s fully- Well, okay. So he is mixed. His dad is an angel who looks White. His mom actually is ethnically white, like, European. His dad was is an Angel. Angels in this story do not come from dead people, nor actually are dead peace. Like in real life (I’m a Christian) angels are their own species and came before humans. So, in no way is he ethnically Caucasian in any way. That’s impossible.

He just looks White.

Now, his father is crazy.

He cut him as a baby and used a little of his blood to write on the mirror to his ex-wife, the boy’s mother.

He had a large cut on each arms.

Ok, so that’s not fine.

But, anyway.

His father had killed his late girlfriend, Jennenn when he was 13 and she was 15.

He hasn’t seen him since…until…

But, anyway!

He is a laid back, Urban white-ish white kid who acts black because he was raised by a strongly black acting man.

He is cool, flirty and brave.

Not stupid brave, but brave.

He’ll fight if he has to.

He is 16-years-old, (North) American, speaks Urban-ly (I’m black), and lives with James and his mom on the control ship.

He once wore heart boxers to show girls, literally, he had his pants saggin’ and it made James so freakin’ mad.

Why hearts? Symbolism.


He also wanted to pretend that he was gay to go see a girl he met online one day to get out of homework.

Now, he’s dating a Famous singer.

Life’s being good to him…currently.

He’s going to be a hero, this is a superhero story.

He’s the main character.

James is fighting hard for his virginity to stay with him.

Lines you need to say:

“I love you, Camela.” Romantic.

“Kiss me.” Fake french accent to overly romantic, okay, he’s a romantic.

“I ain’t goin’ to no school while you stay here in a hospital and I’m somewhere else, obviously!” Angry, concerned. To James.

“I don’t care.” Nonchalantly.

“Man, why are you like this?! I try hard to be your definition of perfect, I’m good! I’m a good person, dad!” To James, James can sometimes be way to hard on him. Say it while crying.

“THANKS, MAN!” James being given $100 and accepting it without suspicion even tho it’s a trap and he has no idea.

“Wanna go out on a date?” James asking his Camela, his girlfriend.

“Jennenn, wake up, girl, come on! Don’t leave me like this!” Heartbroken, angry, end this with a scream. He’s crying with tears.

“I’m not leaving you!” Telling his father (James).

“I can’t let her die, her parents, her friends, family, anyone that she’s close to, Vanessa, what is wrong with you?! Are you, like, a mental person?!” He just saved a woman from getting crushed by a bolder, Vanessa talks him out of trying to help her or so she thought, he saves her anyway and she hounds him for doing so and this is his response.

Vanessa is half-demon, he has no idea yet.

“Take that crap away from me, man! That looks demonic!” His friend, a clone of him he met and knows is his clone, bought a Chucky doll and shows it to him to get his response.

“First of all, yo’ teenage behind just went off and came back with a ugly freakin’ DOLL!!” Same scenario, but this came right before the other response. He’s seen Chucky, he has nightmares at night about it.


“WHO THE HECK ARE YOU?!” He beats a man up after he says this because that man is standing over him creepily, watching him with a creepy look on his face as he sleeps. He woke up to seeing him like that.


Samsonite is Johnny’s dompelganger, in this story, he has a clone AND a dompelganger.

Samsonite is 16 and and he’s dating a French black 16-year-old, she has a really strong accent and he can hardly understand her.

He is a loner, moody on Mondays, chivalrous, friend when he is around people, moody in training but sucks it up because James doesn’t really care that he is a loner and he has to train around other people. James does this to get him into teamwork as they all train as a team for this same purpose in mind. James yells at him.

He deals with weapons a lot, even tho he doesn’t seem like the renegades type.

At all.

He more of a nice guy than anything else as he thinks that being a bad boy is frankly really pathetic.

He Vapes because he was a bad boy at one point, became a Christian, and gave up that crap and Vapes to help him get off smoking.

Unfortunately it has the nicotine amount of 20 regular cigarettes, James doesn’t like it because he knows that and worries he’s getting into another addiction, he’s been vaping for 4 years. He’s been over his cigarette addiction. It took him only 3 years. James started hiding his Vapes. And sending him to rehabilitation. He goes there monthly, it’s supposed to be weekly, but…that messed up when he started lying about going weekly and started only going monthly. Surprisingly, this actually worries him. Which is actually part of the reason why he goes only monthly. The only part is cuz he doesn’t want to stop vaping. Which is why he’s worried. He’s a very conflicted teenager.


“At least I don’t smoke anymore.” After James criticized him harshly over his vaping addiction.

“I’m sorry I lied to you about going to the appointments.” Say this in a very worried and frankly scared manner. because this mine is a response to James finding out he’s been only going monthly instead of weekly.

“I have to get the controls on this thing to work, crap! It isn’t working!” This is Samsonite trying to get a machine to work, luckily this is a nightmare because this is showing him, accidentally, in a dream, forgetting to fix a object that he forgot to fix in real life due to his addiction. God sent him this dream to warn him about it and how serious it was, he was in a life of death situation where he needs it to work or they’ll all just die.

“Lady’s first.” Samsonite opening a door for his girlfriend, Helene.

“KILL ME.” Samsonite finding out that basically his girlfriend cheated on him with Johnny’s clone who is also dating, will not at that point, but, was also going to start dating someone else.

“Where are my Vapes?!” Samsonite going on a tiny rampage with Johnny and his clone trying to stop him from finding his Vapes because James had hid them again. For the 97th time.

He Vapes a lot.

“I hate you, James! You suck, hi e me my Vapes back!!!” Samsonite is going a little crazy because this is the 98th time that James hid his vape. He yells at James trying to get his vape back. James won’t give it back to him because he loves him and he doesn’t want is vaping to be a hindrance to his team which at this point his son was a part of it was Johnny and himself. their job is dangerous cuz they fight demons and the demons could hurt them very seriously whether mentally or physically. Sometimes they fight actual humans which can kill them. Or at least has a more likely chance to kill them. They also fight fallen angels.

“Johnny, why’d she cheat with baby-voiced CHILD, he’s a (bleeping) child!” You don’t have to say a cuss word. I’ll just put bleep there. Okay so Johnny’s clone has a child voice. In other words he sounds like a little German boy. For him it’s really annoying and when he found out that he cheated on his girlfriend he couldn’t understand it and thought of him more as a child in a way, not really, but more of an insulting way.

“Kiss me, baby. I’m more hot for you than everyone else can be.” Okay so he’s more charming than Johnny is, but, he’s saying this to his girlfriend Helene, this is before she cheated on him.

Be… Chivalrous and charming.

Okay, so. The main character girls are handled by me mostly, including another character which is all the way he handled by me really. I’m pretty much trusting strangers in the outside world to be able to voice act for me and I’m kind of wary and worried about it.

I’ve never done this before so I’m scared.

Now here are some characters that are not big parts of the story:

Ship concentrator: she is one of the crew on the ship that James, Johnny, and Samsonite and Johnny’s clone live on, their base is mostly set on Earth, so the ship is pretty much living on Earth most of the time they take it out to space only to protect the Earth.

When in outer space, she keeps the ship concentrated and the ships levels concentrated. this is to keep the ship from crashing and going Willy wonky after levels are too high it can cause it to… Basically, the ship to explode.

So her job is really important.

Here are some lines that she might say in the future:

“Here, sir!”

“Why not?” Question of course

“Are you ok?” Concerned.

“There is one button to go, I have to do it really quick- Done!!!”

“Don’t die, sir!”

“Kiss me butt!”

“I love you, Johnny.”

“Screw you, screw your girlfriend, and your life!” Okay so, she is at least 15 years old and she’s working there but she lied and said that she was 28. the kids that are pretty much in training and are in heavily-guarded suits.

She has a crush on Johnny.

She turns evil.

“I am the only one for Johnny and he is the only one for me!” She’s like a yandere said she won’t kill Johnny and she hasn’t really killed anyone up to this point to get to Johnny. Anything she’s going to probably imprison Johnny’s girlfriend. Come away from her. For life. Forever imprisoned, not dead at least.

“James, can I see Johnny alone?” She’s trying to well she doesn’t really sound like she wants to have sex with Johnny she doesn’t sound seductive, but she wants to seduce Johnny into having sex with her. James won’t let that happen so she’s putting on a facade to get alone with Johnny. Her crush is morely based on lust than true love. And that is all the problem. She in lust with him, not love. She thinks she’s in love with him but she’s not really in love.

“Kiss me, boy, you know it’s good. I’m good, be a good boy for me, okay?” She has Johnny alone in a room is trying to seduce him to sex.

“Ahh!?” Shock and confusion, she’s completely naked and James walks in as he pushed her away from him, Johnny that is, because he’s in love with Camela.

“Sir, I see the control boosters are broken, before we fly into space, can I fix them for you?” Johnny usually fixes broken parts of the ship when his dad isn’t around, is dad is James, not biologically but by adoption, plus, (beautiful) plus God cut off the biological connection between Johnny and his biological father. This is because when Johnny became a Christian Jesus had become his father and having a fallen angel with your father and having Jesus as your father may not work too well. At all.

So, Johnny has no Daddy.

Biologically. Not anymore.

“I hope you have a great date.” Johnny is going on a date with his girlfriend and she is angry at this and is trying to hold it in but her facade is about 20% out of 100% failing.

“I hate how Johnny cheated on you.” She’s basically talking like a great deceiver, she doesn’t sound like she’s deceiving like those seductresses sound in movies, like are they mocking the person they are talking to as they tell them that he’s cheating, in reality she’s talking like a normal person but she’s lying to Johnny’s girlfriend to get her to break up with him so she can get with Johnny mainly in a weak moment but not in a rebound because she doesn’t want to be a rebound, she wants to be his actual girlfriend so she’s going to build a friendship and then become his girlfriend at least in her plan to win him over.

“I hate you, I hate you I hate I hate you, James, you just ruined my relationship with John!” she’s yelling at James because James had kicked her out of the room when he found her naked with Johnny in there. This is also after James told her he can’t be with her. She saying John to basically keep it a little bit secret but she’s little bit off (slang in my house that means crazy) right now so she’s having bad ideas.

Her name is Jennifer, she is crazy and she might be a yandere, she is determined, tricky (of course), heavily deceiving cuz her lies sound like any other normal person is talking to you and telling you the truth. Like Satan.

she started off good like in the series you would hear her shout “yes sir” “no sir” “here sir” also remember to say those things.

She was a really tiny character at first, she is becoming a tiny bit bigger as a villain and an antagonist.

Note: This story is not supposed to be in anime, I just said yandere because I’m familiar with that.

So basically, yeah.

Contact me in my DMs if you want to voice act.

Samsonite is American: North.

James is American: North.


Professional, too. Very, actually.

Jennifer is an Alien but has a mixed accent, a mixture of Irish and British with a hint French.

Help me. Thank you, goodbye. Comment below any pointers for me, please. C:

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