I need with ideas for a story

I need help with story ideas for my first episode story the title is called reconnection

Genre: Romance/ drama

i can help you! do you have anything else picked out for the story?

Well, first you should just establish the general details of the story, like where is it set? In high school, college, the workplace? Since it’s called, ‘reconnection’ maybe it could be about the MC falling back in love with the LI (they knew each other before or dated before) and are thrust into a situation where they have to work together/ interact with each other throughout the story? I also like to start with creating the characters and thinking of some random scenes or moments I want to happen in the story and build up from that.

No not really, all I have is that MC suffers from an eating disorder ( she scared to add weight)

That sound like a great idea

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Thank you

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