I need with story with idea

and need name to be good to help me. I want make a good story best story

It really depends on what you like to write, and what kind of genre you enjoy.

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Hi are need good name good idea on

Oh and whose art is that

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I got from pinterest they got good thing on there .you can look at love it .

Do you want to write Romance?, Comedian?, Drama?, Fantasy?, you first need to pick a genre if you want to come up with a good idea.

It makes it a lot easier than

The art was in Pinterest where I got it from there they got all pic on there art on there .nice pic to is good some give web I down off on play story printerest told go there tell you choose own story.

Yes be good I love that one thank you

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How about romance need some name to

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You’re welcome

Where do you think about by hearing the word Romance or Love

You can also begin writing the story in a Word Document and add the titel later, most times an titel comes up when there’s already a beginning in the story itself

Can you with name good idea

How can I start my story I need help


check this link, it has a lot of titels

Do romance is good for me need help with name

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Check this link for names:


I have title A heart full of love. How you do Author need come up with name

Just make sure you are aloud to use that picture, because you might not be able to use it (like copyright issues, or artist doesn’t want it to be used) , so it could be stolen. Just sayin you should check

Characters Jessica characters Axel

It take two to love, as the title? I have a whole story planned out right now in my head.