I need word overlays, please! *URGENT*

Hey so I really new a few word overlays, if anyone can help, please.

First overlay word

Always Be Together

Second overlay word

This story contains mature themes

Third overlay word

This story uses music and sound effects

I was the first overlay word to be white and bold and then the word Together in neon white.

Then the other two overlay words could just be white and bold.

I can make them
Please put the request in this art shop

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Hey I just checked the thread but you guys don’t offer word overlays!


Screenshot 2020-12-03 at 3.24.00 PM

But thank you so much.

I have completed a text overlay for @/creatiff.writes in the thread
I have msged the owner to add them under my name
You can tag me @ and request up there

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What form should I fill out?

Just these

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I could make them for you, I have free time rn and photoshop and I got a font of the internet that’s completely free use so you can make money off it if your stories blows up

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Oh? That’s so cool :yay:

If you have time then sure, thank you so much I appreciate it.

@Angryybirdd I will totally go to your shop in the future. You have beautiful examples, especially your custom backgrounds.

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Okay I’m thinking of using boston traffic font that’s completely free, hope you like it

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sorry it’s taking so long but making neon white in photoshop can take a while (at least for me) considering I need to find the right stats for inner glow

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Don’t worry about it, take your time?

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Is this good enough? If it bother’s you that there’s so much transparent space here, I can crop it for you

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I need to update Phooshop because it’s acting up, I’m sorry but I really can’t do the last one @aze_nieve

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@LeviTheLunatic it’s ok :slight_smile: do you mind if I request at a shop? I was looking for a more vibrant neon. I do appreciate you helping me out!

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sure, go ahead, I’m still learning to edit in photoshop and every consentual experience is making me better at it … I hope … otherwise I’m just losing precious time … but that’s what I do anyways and allways

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That’s good, you’re learning.

It takes time and I’m sure you’ll perfect it :slight_smile:

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@Sydney_H can you please close this thread?

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Closed by OP request. :smiley: