I need word overlays please

Hi, I’m in need of a few word overlays.
I give credit and need them urgently.
Here are what I need them saying:

  • AW: We’re All Mad Here
  • This story uses sound.
  • This story uses strong language.
  • This story contains mature themes.
  • Follow my Instagram @lxxieamelia.epi
  • This story will be continued…
  • The End!

Thank you so much if you can supply these.
I really appreciate it,
Lexxie Ameliajade x

Is this okay? x

image image

They are perfect x

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If you use it, you can credit me by my forum profile @classycherries or by my Instagram @/classycherries.epi if it’s not a problem :two_hearts:

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Yes I will credit you thank you xxx

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