I need Writing help/opinions

Ok so I’m in a kuffufle. I’m currently writing a story that involves a character that is currently in a coma. Now here is the kuffufle. I don’t know if I should introduce this fact in the first episode or later on. This character getting into the coma was a big deal in the world of the story. So characters will bring up at the time. But I don’t know if I should keep a secret and reveal it later to the viewers later. Or introduce it in the first episode?


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You can completely ignore this if it’s not what you’re going for, but maybe the characters talk about the coma but don’t directly/indirectly say it (keeping the reading guessing), and when you show the scene with the accident, then you reveal that the character is in a coma.

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I think it depends on the character if it the mc then you could show the character in the coma then going back to how it happen
If if it’s just important character Not of main characters then you could show it latter as then find more out
well just my opinion hope it help

Okay thank you so much for your feedback!

“kuffufle” :joy:

I am trying to write my first story but I am having problems like coding it and having it run smoothly and if anyone knows how to code story’s or can teach me that would be amazing . I have the story planned out but it is the coding part I need help with as well as choices . Would you or anyone be able to to help me ?