I need y’all’s opinions

So to everybody was here before it was 13+ It’s really upsetting that episode switched it’s guidelines to 13+ and before anyone comes for me hear me out…

What I mean by 17+ is the age said on the app store said 17+ and a lot stories included real life stories

A lot of the stories nowadays are the same… and what I mean by this is that the plot is so similar… the old stories 17+ were different and they had to do with real life… and that’s what made the story so good to read and sad and emotional and fun… now it’s all typical and the romances are the similar plots. And it’s really frustrating that I can’t express myself on an app that I’ve been on forever I have to express it a a bad boy high school musical or a high school story and yeah some people my disagree but I hope something in the future comes to us young adults and not just wattpad I like reading here I liked it so much and the stories I used to read are gone… because it’s too “mature.” And yeah I hope one day in the future something good comes to us…

and the sad part is a lot of people left because of those guidelines… so why not bring back ivy? What’s wrong with that.


Episode has always beeb 13. The diffrencr is they started following their own rules.

I been here a long time and stories did not use to be 17. That would mean curse blood. Tourture. And much worse. Which no stories back the. Did not include.


Specifically ? What do you mean ? I remember seeing the age sign saying 17+ on the App Store.

A lot of stories included sex and drugs and etc. and language

thats true, and still its against the rules. to this day, the problem is not the app is for a young audiince, but that people dont follow the rules of the app.

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And what happened to ivy?

removed, got taken down. Some ppl test it n it contain a lot of +18 content, if you know what I mean.

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Ye I do it’s not the “mature mature scenes” I miss it’s I miss reading them and making me feel like I was actually in the story that’s what I miss I never got to see ivy cuz I don’t know why but I wasn’t paying attention but yeah

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But like and it’s just cool because I remember reading this store called pregnant by a k•ller and it made me cry :joy: and I was just living in the story it was so good but it sadly got taken down because of the guidelines and that was one story I never got to finish

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And then wattpad I tried but it’s just way to mature mature scenes and I don’t feel like reading all that but episode was just so good cuz of the animations and yeah

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You’re right. Some people may disagree and I’m one of them. You absolutely do not need to express your work in a generic bad boy, high school story at all. Sure, the guidelines are restricting for those of us who like a bit maturity and less censorship in our stories, but it is quite possible to write a great, unique story within Episode’s guidelines. It sounds like you’ve only been seeing the trending stories or cliché ones lately, but I can assure you, there are many stories that are outside of that scope.

Asunder by Alys Noir, Home Wrecker by Joriemar, The Infected by Caitoriri, Speak by J Miley, The Game by Amber J, Homecoming by MJ are just a few of them, but there are countless amazing stories with a more mature and relatable side to them.

I hope so, too! I’m 22 and would love another app with more lenient guidelines so we have more creative freedom, but I understand that Episode is for the 12/13+ audience and the guidelines in place are to protect that audience (maybe not totally, because that’s impossible but I hope you get me).

Ivy must not have performed very well. Episode won’t tell us why but there would’ve been a reason why they decided to discontinue making new content for it. Maybe it didn’t rake in enough readers, maybe the stories didn’t have a high reader retention, maybe the authors didn’t want to write more stories for it, maybe there were guideline issues with the App Store and Play Store. We don’t know. BUT Episode has always explored the idea of making and testing out new apps, so I doubt Ivy will be the last of it. We may get another, better mature app in future. :person_shrugging:


But how do you express yourself with using 12/13+ stories like… :sob: I don’t even know… when I was 12/13+ I was thinking about getting a Barbie doll house…:sob: but like it’s just hard to create a story with using 12/12+ guidelines… and it’s sad cuz a lot of stories got taken down cuz it was too… “mature.” :skull: and when they changed the guidelines I didn’t what to write about… so yeah… sorry about my misspelling​:skull:

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miss have you ever watch a Disney movie, they are all age apropriate. or what about a marvel movie which are usally 13 and up.

a story dosent need s*x and violence to be good, actually often they can ruin a good story because its thrown in an anoying way.


That’s not what I’m saying they need to have s*x in it but it’s more realistic when it includes things that are also adult like but not too much of an adult like ever heard of TV-14 that’s what I’m mainly talking about 14+ and up because ideally they can handle more adult like level not all but some

While I do agree that the guidelines restrict our writing, it’s not like 13+ writing is for children. You can have mature themes as long as they’re handled carefully and not too explicit since teenagers will be reading. As for s-x scenes, you can have the implication and not too detailed description of it, so it’s not like it’s forbidden or not included (I’ve read plenty of stories that have those kinds of scenes and still stick to the guidelines, it’s just a tricky line to walk but it’s possible). There are stories with death, crime, drugs, etc. on the app too if that was also something you meant wasn’t allowed, although I don’t read many stories like that since they’re usually mafia.

There are non cliche, more mature stories on the app, you just need to know where to find them since yeah, the trending section is filled with the same old romance stuff. I’d recommend looking around the forums for recs of less known stories, since those might touch on more serious topics.

Not topic specific but:

Agreed, though, in the way that they were marketing it and the type of content they had, made it fail. The sections included " Bad Boy, Billionaire , etc and all the stories they had on the app were Romance genre and had a description that made it sound like animated porn stories. I didn’t get to beta the app itself but from SS and other conversations with people who have, Episode did a TERRIBLE job with the promotion and description that probably turned away a few thousand people who aren’t into sex stories.

Had they had more variety in the offered stories, given a better description (I mean really, "grab a glass of wine and have some fun :wink: * is in itself awful-- but to add it to your app description… fail.) they wouldn’t have under-performed.
Out of all of us adults here that had been asking about a mature app wanted to allow cussing, gore/violence and real-life situations that we old people can relate to. We did not however ask for 50 Shades of Animated Porn.

@Kayla_episode1 :
O.P. While I agree that the content guidelines do force you to think outside the box for certain situations in stories, it is possible to write something unique that doesn’t involve Riccardo the Bad Boy Billionaire Vampire Hybrid Boss. You do have to work around them a bit but: cursing is allowed in small doses- the occasional damn isn’t likely to get you banned or taken down. And, sure, you can’t show or describe sex scenes-- but why would you really want to? Isn’t it better to allow the reader to imagine what happened after the scene fades? We really don’t need to read about how he grabbed her thigh on a app geared towards young teens.

So, as much as it makes it harder to write on certain topics, you don’t have to write generically to publish. My first story ended up featured on a shelf and it’s a comedy/drama that has 0 “sexy” moments, maybe 2 kiss animations in the whole story and the MC and “LI” hate each other. so yeah, definitely not the “bad boy boss” thing and it ended up doing MILES better than I ever thought that it would.

And I really wish more people would take this to heart : STOP TRYING TO TREND AND WRITE SOMETHING NEW! Maybe its age, maybe its a extreme hatred for toxic af LI and Main Characters being shoved on kids my son’s ages but PLEASE stop copy/pasting the trending section.

Write that story about the girl with the eating disorder learning to love herself by befriending an outcast plus girl that doesn’t give af about other people’s opinions. Write that story about the detective that gets disgraced and goes undercover to prove they weren’t wrong. Write something you can be proud of. And stop worrying about how many reads or how much status and acceptance you get from carbon copying “The Gangster’s Mate” and think for yourselves-- I can almost guarantee that if more people stopped worrying about getting 5 million reads and all that, we’d have less toxic romance stories and more unique stories on this app.

(This is not to say that every gang story or romance story is junk, it’s really not that. It’s that the ones that are are generally the ones that trend consistently and they feature abusive/toxic people and lauding them for acting like a decent human being to one person not to mention they generally portray women as gullible, immature, jealous, vicious, rude, poor and uneducated or any combo of these traits. Women are more than that and should be shown as such.) <rant but I’m not wrong :joy:

So, hon, write your story and if you want help working out how to write a scene so that it doesn’t violate the guidelines, I’d be happy to help you out. :smiley:


Yes, that’s true. I had the app and was able to read the stories. There was no variety in what they offered, no mature drama/romance, horror, thriller, sci-fi, fantasy, violence etc. It was all overly sexual stories focused on sex, bondage and domination. It made it boring and repetitive.



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