I Need YOU for my story! LL

Hello! I’m currently making a story which will be out on January 16th
My episode acc/username = Tiffannii_G
I want to add background characters but I want to add fellow epis! :slight_smile:
Just include a picture of your LL character, the name, the personality (optional) and anything else you desire all information will be helpful!
If I have a lot of ur personality and stuff you might end up even speaking in it and appearing more than once (maybe even become a friend of the MC! )
Also I will be putting your character on my Instagram account! @tiffanyepis0de so go ahead and follow that if you would like :slight_smile:
(I’m currently setting my first post up!)
So if you are interested go ahead and say so in the comments :slight_smile:
(If you don’t add a photo of your character just please describe them for me :slight_smile: )

Thank you have a nice day!!! Xoxoxoox


  • Shy at first
  • Funny
  • Really energetic
  • Loves to sing/act
  • Loud at times
  • Supportive and kind
  • Lowkey a badass though

I’ll add you now :slight_smile: and you’ll be my second post on Instagram :slightly_smiling_face: xoxo

Here ya go…

Pointy-Head, Independent, Kinda Bossy, Sarcastic AF, Smart, Cool, Tomboyish

She generally wears cool outfits like denims and dislikes wearing dresses. She doesn’t like make up at all. She’s good in studies and likes doing things such as skating, biking around.

And…if you wanna credit me in your story you can display it like “Check out @Freya001.episode on forums.” since I don’t have an IG.


Thank you so much! Your character will also be my 3rd post on Instagram! It’ll just probably be out in like 2 days when my story cover is done. Thank you :slight_smile:

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Personality: Hot headed at times, perfectionist, procrastinated wayyy to much, loves to draw and write, btchy at times, and creative


I will be adding her! :slight_smile:

Charlotte C.
Neutral 01, arched thick styled (black jet), emo pixie (burgundy red), angular slender (hazel dark), diamond defined contour, round broad, heart shaped pout braces (rose matte)

  • with freckles 00-03 and wildflower tattoo

Also side note this character isn’t me but is that okay?

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Yes it’s definitely okay! I’ll definitely be adding her!

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Hello so I’m currently putting her in an outfit and would you recommend any clothes at all? Or a colour? It’s really hard to find something and idk why😂

Any denims and a crop top…

Hey just wondering if you know what the jeans are called by any chance? I can’t seem to find them ;-;

Wait never mind I found them😂


Moved to Art Resources since you’re looking for character details. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about creating topics, and feel free to PM me if you’ve got questions. :wink:

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Okay great! Thanks :blush:

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Oh oops sorry for selecting the wrong one😂

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