I need you guys feed back on this

There’s this Latino girl that got kicked out of her home, she is on the streets no where to go. After being examined with a deadly disease a mystery man out of nowhere, comes to help her, well, do you to meet, or was it just a friendly pleasure. The Story name is HOMELESS

Hi @AMagic ! I’ll be happy to read your story, I will give you a review about it. Both positive and negative. Can’t wait to read it!


I think the name is a little on the nose, and it wouldn’t really pop out at me or interest me in the story, but from the description I’d be interested to see where it goes.

Are you saying I should the title🤔

I just mean I wouldn’t necessarily read that story based on the title. Also the girl is homeless but the story isn’t about being homeless and it seems misleading as a title. I would change the name to something that was more relevant to the narrative and more eye catching, but if you like your title and you’re happy with it you should do whatever you want.

No you just gave me feedback I’m gonna work on it. Thanks

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