I need you to help me on my story!

Hi there!
So the thing is, I’m a good writer. Not an expert or anything, but pretty good. I am, on the other hand, TERRIBLE at writing a story in the “Episode way”.
So here’s what i’m pretty much asking for…
I need help writing the story in here, like, setting up the story. You know, all the interactions and choices and stuff like that.
I live in Denmark, and right now the time is 19.13 (9.13 pm).
Please feel free to text me, if you wanna help :slight_smile:

This should be in the Find a writing partner category…


Do you mean coding because you’ve said you’re a good writer?

Ahah yes I mean coding :))

I’m free to help you with any questions you have but I cannot be here all the time, for personal reasons. :slight_smile: