I NEED YOUR FEEDBACK (choosing a title, DD)

I’m writing a story for the contest but doesnt know wich title to use…
So my question to you is wich of these titles has the biggest chance you would read the story

  • Bound to my past
  • Changing the river
  • Guarded by eternity
  • Behind the wounds
  • Awakening a storm
  • Criminals of glory
  • Misfortune of the night
  • Renewal of hell
  • Throne of of the dagger

i like these, the hardest part is choosing. XDD

Ty, and yep, its my first time entering a contest so I’m trying to get the best title possible

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Depends on what your story will be about. Lol. Message me a bit of it and I’ll choose a title since I won’t be entering.

I like these if that helps narrow it down. Lol, I’m still trying to think of mine.

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That helps alot actually! Maybe I could help you with one?

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Once i get a few ideas ill ask but lol I have NO clue

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