I need your help (Background needed!)

Hey guys, I really need a basement background!

If you have one could you drop it down below (preferably daytime x)


Here you go:
cellar-with-leakage-flood-black-mould-walls-illustration_33099-778 cellar-interior-laundry-inside-basement-cartoon-style_1441-1756 cellar-interior-storage-clothing-inside-basement-cartoon-style_33099-685

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These are from vectors.com so, they’re free.

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Thank you!!

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i am so bad at this app
i need a background for my story and i dont know how and where i ask for it
can you help me pls?

Well, you can try using Pixabay.com or their app or there are some on IG who have backgrounds like @amepisode in their google drive. Just be sure to credit any background creators if you use any. Let me know if you need more help :grin:

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Not sure if you knew this but there’s 3 basement backgrounds in the Episode art catalog; 2 of them look like something for like scary stories and 1 is like a furnished basement. Or maybe you knew this but didn’t find them useful for your story and that’s why you’re asking on here soo… nevermind lol but in case you didn’t know! now you know :llama: :upside_down_face:

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need a background of a lavish dining room of a big mansion
Please someone help me out