I need your honest opinion on my art


What do you think of this edit I did? It’s my first time and I tried… for once.

I know those lips are rank…


that is rlly good i love it


This is really good but I suggest watching Nighty’s video on how to edit! It has really helped me edit :grinning:


What I think is missing is some shading n highlighting. When you’ve got that down you’ll be hopefully one of the best editors in the universe :grin:


Thank you!


Thanks for the suggestion. :heart:


Thank you, I’m really struggling with that.


BHAHAHAHA jk jk … it’s a start.Better than mine anyways :wink:.I give u :100:/100 in the noob class :clap:


You’re welcome! Remember, don’t give up on your art! Even if it feels like there’s no use continuing and such. I think it’s astonishing. :star2:


Sips tea**


Thank you so much! :heart:


*does the same


Yass queen!