I need your honest opinion!

Hey, I recently made this cover and I’m not really liking it now that I’ve posted it on the Episode Portal website. Do I need to make some changes to it? What do you think I could do to make it better?

Here is the cover:

Description: After losing her father, a young girl is in hopes of starting a new life for herself. What happens when she makes one wish that changes her life…forever?!

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Everything is great but perhaps make the fairy looks as if she has been summoned from the genie thing, it looks a little not real


ok. I tried to make it seem like it was from a genie’s perspective but since Episode didn’t have any clothes for a genie, I just did something similar.

I like it but tbh I agree on the fairy/ genie thing. I think she should resemble more of a genie appearance, sorta looking more like a ghost but besides that I personally think it looks nice :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ok, thanks! :smile:

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Should I take the wings off of her and keep the outfit?


I don’t mind the wings so I think that’s more up to you but maybe rearrange the position in which shes placed or make her have more interaction with the lamp

Hey I think this is a beautiful cover :smiley: My suggestion if you wanted to change it would be to perhaps make the lamp a bit bigger in the center, and then maybe add some wisps of smoke from the tip to trail up to the geenie, (maybe even make the bottom of her legs still part of the smoke as if she’s still coming out of the lamp) and perhaps add an aura behind her.
Just suggestions sweetie :smiley: I think it still looks great! :kissing_heart:


Make the lamp bigger an d change the genie direction and action so it will be more realistic

Thank you! :heart: :smile:

You’re welcome sweetie! :smiley:

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How about now?

What do you think?
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I think it looks beautiful!!! Great job sweetie!! :smiley:

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Yeah that looks really good, I like that a lot :heart:

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You’re welcome :smiley:

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