I need your honest opinion


So I’m starting an action comedy story with two male main characters, one is a black African American and one is Cuban American they are brothers by one of them being adopted… I was wondering would you read a story with 2 male main characters in it(plus I feel like most authors don’t use other skin tones other than the ‘light’ skin tone in their stories like come on lol)Because I’ve seen a lot of stories where people would play as a girl. And there won’t be any character customisation because I want my characters to be more diverse you know? I’m just worried because people like playing as females in stories AND customising their characters.There will be important female leads but I feel like it would be better to see it in a males perspective. So if you saw a book like this would yall read it? Lol


I would read this and shouldn’t this topic be in Episode Fan community?


I would definitely read this. :slight_smile:


Thank youuuu


I will read it… it will be different…:+1::+1:all the best


I would absolutely read this! It sounds so cool. As long as your characters are amazing, readers will be hooked. Also it doesn’t matter what readers want. It’s your story. I know it may be easy to sway one way bc it’s popular but the important thing is that the right supporters will love your work if you stay true to it. Episode is so predictable, we need this lol.


Thank you so much!


I’d read it it, it sounds unique!


I would read it, but if you are afraid about loosing readers, you could make a girl version by allowing people to pick their gender in the first episode.


Would no doubt read! I rarely get to read in a male POV, and I like it when there isn’t a whole lot of customization. Gives you a better feel for the story.


I love this idea a lot! Not a lot of episode stories have a male perspective to them and you making a story like that is great! All in all, I would totally read your story! :smile:


Sure, why not? Sounds interesting :grinning:


Omg I love this! It’s good to try new things especially since everything is so generic nowadays. I honestly support you because being different is good and writing a story based off on male perspectives makes it even more fascinating. BTW, I’m really loving the diversity. With that being said, go for it lol.




Sure, I mean yeah there aren’t a lot of male stories, so yeah, give it a shot and I, @tessieannette will read it. Also, you should follow me on episode which is Tessie Annette.


Thank you so much!! :’)


Your welcome @Toriblack
:kissing_heart: Tessie