I need your opinion on my new story idea!

Hewwo guys! Yes as the title says I need your opinion on this new story idea that popped in my head! Ok here it is… sorry if its cliche/cringy … :joy:

A girl falls in love with a guy who speaks French, German, And Spanish… However their love life begins with a journey of drama filled events. (Sorry if this sounds cliche XD)

BUT I WILL STILL LOVE YOUR OPINION! and if you can. can you give me more ideas for this story?


–Nicole :blush:

I think it needs more of a description of like the drama. Also, I feel there’s no need to add that he speaks those languages and if there is, tell it

lol trust me that’s definitely NOT the description just some ideas thnx for the tips! :joy: :grin:

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@Ryan can you close this thread pls? THNX

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