I need your opinion on something

Hello everyone!! I am not sure if anybody will ever answer this but I had to try.

So, I am a young artist wanting to help other beginners just like I was once.

That’s why I am thinking of making an ebook with tutorials and tips for ibis paint x.

But before I start wasting my time with no reason, I wanted your opinion on this.

The book would cost around 25$.

Would you be interested?


If it’s 25 US dollars, I feel like that’s too much…
Otherwise, if it was cheaper, yes, I’d be interested! But the creators of Ibis Paint X already publish their own tutorials (I think on Youtube) so would that be a problem?

It sounds exciting! (:


Thank you for the opinion! What price would you suggest?

I don’t know, actually, but probably under twenty dollars, if that’s okay with you.

Thank you love! I will consider it!

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If I was a beginner, I would pay no more than $5. But if you want to go a bit higher, I would say no more than $10. Remember, most beginners are young teens who don’t make their own money.

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Maybe around $5 or $10 for an ebook, $25 would seem more worth it for detailed recordings or walk-through tutorials.

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I agree with the the others that $10 max

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