I need your opinion on the color scheme of my story cover!



Sorry guys but I need little help with my cover for my new story.
I was wondering if one of you guys can with the color scheme

  • Pastel Colors
  • Bright vibrant colors
  • Dark gloomy colors
  • Colorful

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In my mind, the title sounds like she’s on to do great, positive things, so I would use bright and vibrant colors to match!
And did you draw that yourself? It’s really pretty! :heart_eyes:


Yeah I did , Thanks but I still have to work on my character’s side view :slight_smile:


I am going with pastels colours :slight_smile:
Because she looks pretty with sketch , if there is option for sketch only , i will vote on that
But some haircolour and cloth colour will be good so pastel colours


I agree with you on the sketch part, but I need to draw in readers. I myself love just sketching without coloring. I do it a lot.


What do guys think? I’m not done yet that’s just the base color. I’m bringing tone and color soon.


looks great!