I need your opinion on this

How do you feel about authors turning Caucasian characters into black characters but no representation in them at all?

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I dislike it. They were better off keeping their characters as white. Episode does this with featured stories, quite a lot. Quite, frankly, it’s poor representation and it serves zero purposes especially if their race is never a factor or even mentioned in the story.


It can get black people annoyed because the author might not know anything about them. :confused:

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so what i got from reading this was.

we want diviersity

author makes divierse cast.

why did you make them divierse when they dont act like it.

its properly because how they look dont matter to the story.

I do agree that if the charatere orginally was white and then change(same if they where black or asian) that its kinda wrong.


This topic is a bit confusing. Do you mean the author changes a character that was white into a different ethnicity during a revamp? Or do you mean a character is a POC but doesn’t act like it/acts white?

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The both of what you just said

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In response to you, what do you mean a POC acts white? How does one act a certain race?


How do POC act?

Shall I add guns and watermelon and some other casual racism

Or how about I just dont look at color when i write because it dont matter to the story

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For example: I know some people who are Hispanic but don’t speak Spanish. Some people might think that doesn’t make them “Hispanic enough“ (which is stupid).

By acts white I meant doing things that are “stereotypical white person things.”

But if a person can’t “act a race” (which really they can’t. That was kind of my point :wink:) then I guess it really doesn’t matter if the race changes during a revamp.
Really if an author makes a character a POC in an effort for diversity/more inclusion then I’m not going to fight it.
Also if anyone is like me. I make characters based on how I see them. If the MCs bff is African American in my eyes then that’s how I’m going to portray her. The same thing if she’s blonde with blue eyes and her parents are from Iceland. :woman_shrugging:t2::sweat_smile:

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Noo this is what I mean

The person was originally a white character

The creator revamps and changes the character to a POC but they don’t really give them any features like a black person.

What do you mean by “any features like a black person”

Like… Long Straight Hair, Pink Lips…etc


Ohh. That makes way more sense. Sorry. :sweat_smile:
I’d say it depends. Maybe the author thinks of the character as mixed? I couldn’t say though. If an author just takes the “caucasian mc” and just changes the skin tone that’s a bit different.

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Thanks for the clarification I don’t have a problem with creators revamping their stories to include people of colour but there is really no excuse now to not at least try to use one of the textured hairs at the very least


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