I need your opinion on translation and reader message!

So I’m currently writing a story where some of the characters have different ethnicities, that meaning that English it’s not their first language. So initially I thought the most realistic thing to do was giving out the English translation through reader message every time they would speak in a different language. But as I am writing I realized it could be annoying sometimes having to read entire conversation up there instead of it being in the speech bubbles.
But it wouldn’t be weird to have, for example during childhood flashback entirely located in another country, conversations in English? So I’m practically battling if I want stay true to the story, even if it means all this annoying reader messages, or if sacrifice realism in favor of a more smooth and comfortable reading process. What would you do? :pleading_face:


I think you should put a choice so they can choose if they want it in another language with the reader messages or just in english!

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What I do in my stories when it is in another language, i put the language and the english in thebsame bubble but chnage the text effect of the english to grey so it is easy to see what the language is. It means that the reader can still read the text bubbles but know what it means in the language


I often start one or two lines of dialogue in the other language with the reader message and then switch to English. It gives the appearance they are speaking in the other language but then not the whole dialogue is translated. Because I find that annoying to read, like you said.


Thanks a lot for all the options you gave me! Now I just need to decide what fits best my story! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::purple_heart:

I think you can write it in the same speech bubble, maybe, like: “Hi! What are you doing today? 你好! 你今天在做什么?”

But that means you would have shorter sentences, since there’s a letter/character limit to speech bubbles.

I love that idea!

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