I need your opinion on view points!

I’m currently writing a story where you play as a character, then you get to customize your own character and switch view points.

Would you read a story formatted in this way?
Why and why not?

Thanks in advance! :blue_heart::sparkles:


I would cause I like this kind of story, also I find it boring when you only see one pov

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I would read it! It’s interesting to see the other characters POV, and i feel like knowing their POV will help the reader make better choices too! :+1:t3:

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I’d read but I feel like it could get a little confusing. But I think that the ideas great and you should do it!

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I think little confusing here is the point because it’s a murder mystery! But thank you for the feedback!

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Actually the fact that its a murder mystery might be better for the story. Just make sure that it’s clear that you’re now switching POVs but if the murderer is in the group than make sure that you include their POV or else people will be able to guess the murderer.

The only POV the reader sees is the victim’s POV and this character they start the story as and of course their own (their character is later on introduced so basically throughout the intro they play as someone else)

Ohhhhhh! So like in the first scene of Ghostbusters! That’s a good idea! I like that!

I like the reference lol thanks again

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I would read it because it could be good to see two view point :slight_smile:

Sometimes it’s fun to see other characters pov! But if it’s not done well it gets a bit boring and it feels like your just reading the same thing all the time. Try it if you’re feeling confident :heart: also if it’s a mystery don’t tell the reader too much information :heart: