I need your opinion!

Hey everyone! I need your opinion.

So, I have this story published (it’s called Attracted to You if anyone wants to check it out lol) but I feel like starting a new project as well because I like keeping myself busy and writing two stories at once. So, I have many story options and I was wondering if you guys could let me know which plot/story you think is more interesting so I can write that story along with my other one:

Option 1 - Deadly Disease: This was my Classic story and I’m planning to remake it in Limelight, and maybe change the title as well. This story follows Ella Montgomery and her friends and family as they try to survive a major “zombie” outbreak caused by an unknown disease. Faced with new obstacles and challenges, they need to navigate their way to make it to a safe haven before it is too late.
Option 2 - 12 NATIONS: Adaline has just been crowned Queen of Aspen and she’s ready to follow her mother’s footsteps and lead her country. However, it is not as easy as it seems. The 400 years of peace has now been disrupted as a nation to the west starts to challenge Aspen and test Adaline’s leadership.
Option 3 - Blood Bound: Everything seemed perfect in the town of Stone Haven, and especially in Kaelyn McCormick’s life. It wasn’t until one tragic accident turned her world upside down. After a fatal car crash, it left Kaelyn wondering how she survived. That is, until she found out that she was turned into a vampire. Now, Kaelyn must learn how to live in the shadows, while also dealing with a new looming threat that is putting her town in danger.
Option 4 - Between the Stars: Aria and her team come from a planet far beyond our universe. Their mission was simple: go to Earth, research, collect data, and then come back. However, things get complicated as the government and the people around them become suspicious, and things get even messier when Aria starts to develop feelings for a human.

I apologize for the bad story descriptions :sweat_smile: I promise to make the actual story better than the description I just gave it HAHA. If you could vote on one, that would help me out so much! Thank you all :heart: Love, Kathryn (insta: kathrynstoriess)

  • Option 1
  • Option 2
  • Option 3
  • Option 4

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Opition 4 makes me want to travel other universe!!!

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Is that good or bad?


lol I would say it’s both.

  1. Get to learn new stuff n bring back some souvenir
  2. May never know if aliens or UFO creatures are anywhere.



Haha, same here :laughing: Thank you so much for your vote!

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Oh my I vote for option 4! I love adventurous stories!!!

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Hahah same :wink: Thank you so much for voting!:heartpulse:

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option 4 sounds rlly interesting!

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Thank you so much! :heart:

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